RIH Torque Turn – Expert Make-Up and Torque Control

At LOR Consulting, we specialize in providing top-notch make-up and torque control solutions to ensure the proper assembly of your threaded connections. With the use of advanced CT3000 TQTN equipment and our skilled technicians, we guarantee accurate torque application and optimal make-up, enhancing the reliability and performance of your operations.


    RIH Torque Turn

    Our Comprehensive Range of Services

    Our RIH Torque Turn services are designed to facilitate precise make-up and torque control during the assembly of threaded connections. We understand the critical role that proper make-up and torque application play in maintaining the integrity and functionality of your equipment. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your specific needs.

    CT3000 TQTN Equipment: We utilize the cutting-edge CT3000 TQTN equipment, which is renowned for its accuracy and reliability in torque control. This advanced technology ensures precise torque application, minimizing the risk of over-tightening or under-tightening during the make-up process.

    Skilled Technicians: Our experienced technicians are extensively trained in using the CT3000 TQTN equipment and implementing industry best practices. They possess the expertise and knowledge to accurately monitor torque and make-up parameters, ensuring that connections are assembled according to specifications.

    Torque Monitoring and Validation: We closely monitor and validate the torque applied during the make-up process to ensure it falls within the recommended range. This meticulous approach guarantees that connections are correctly tightened, reducing the likelihood of leaks, failures, and operational issues.

    Make-Up Optimization: Our team optimizes the make-up process by considering factors such as thread engagement, friction reduction, and galling prevention. By achieving the ideal make-up conditions, we enhance the overall reliability, durability, and performance of your threaded connections.

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    At LOR Consulting, we take pride in our highly skilled and well-trained technicians who are ready to serve you with their expertise. With a deep understanding of industry standards and best practices, our technicians possess the knowledge and experience to tackle even the most complex challenges. Trust us to deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your unique needs. Experience the difference of working with our expert team today!

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    Experience the difference in your threaded connections with LOR Consulting’s RIH Torque Turn services. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring proper assembly and torque control, leveraging our cutting-edge techniques and equipment.

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