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LOR Consulting is the quality assurance firm focused on oil country tubular goods, API and proprietary threads.


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Our organizational values are not aspirational. They reflect how we operate every day.


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We analyze, and combine that knowledge with best practices and experts that understand your business.


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LOR Consulting, Inc. is in the business of supplying the oil and gas industry with Project Management and Full Surveillance Services. Onshore, upstream or downstream, domestic or international, your company can be rest assured that your projects are in good hands with LOR.

For over 35 years, Professionals at LOR Consulting have been providing steadfast services to the oil & gas and manufacturing industries.

  • Our rig services consist of thread makeup representation on drilling and workover rigs, torque turn makeup and thread inspection.
  • Our Mfg facility services consist of Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic inspection monitoring. Wet magnetic particle and black light inspection monitoring.
  • Our Pipe mill inspection monitoring consists of monitoring heat treatment, FLUT, EMI, WMSEA, Drift, Threading and shipping.

We ensure customer Quality Assurance plans are followed

Employee certifications are current

Equipment certifications/ calibrations are current
Provides project closeout data books
Perform Internal Audits for companies that have (QMS)
Consult with companies to aid in improving their ability to meet API requirements

API Threading License companies under the guidance of LOR:
Patriot Pipe and May Oilfield

Develop API Quality Management System (QMS) for companies that produce and/or thread OCTG Products
to meet API requirements and achieve their API 5CT License.

What We Offer

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Right Floor

Rig Floor Make-Up Monitoring

Torque Turn

Torque Turn Make-Up

Onsite & Offsite

On-site & Offsite 3rd Party Pipe Inspection

Right Floor

Rig Floor Make-Up Monitoring

Onsite & Offsite

On-site & Offsite 3rd Party Pipe Inspection

Additionally LOR holds a patent pending, LTS6 two-step tubing connection currently licensed to several facilities in Texas, Colorado, and Montana

Attached you will find a sample of our SOP Table of contents page on procedures. Our service-running representatives have a minimum of 8 hrs classroom and 40 hrs of field training on thread make-up, torque graphs and their signatures related to each thread after Mfg running procedures. Our representatives have training on GBCD, NSCC, BTX, CDC, DWC, USF RDT BTX TXP and virtually all VAM thread lines as well as courses from Gaugemaker.

Several Facilities

Founders of LOR have more than 80 years experience in technical Oil and Gas Industry inspection types. In 1980 Keith “Shorty” LeBlanc President and Jerry L Shedd Vice President operated the very first two ultrasonic pipe inspection units built in the united states. Let our certified technicians deliver the best solutions for your needs 24/7.

Onshore Operations

Improve Onshore Operations

Effective & Reliable Performance Analysis

We help you to identify untapped production efficiency improvement savings through benchmarking and peer comparison of your production operations. In addition, we can help you identify targets and plan initiatives that will improve reliability and operating efficiency, close performance gaps with your peers, optimize operating costs and increase overall profits.